Microfiber hair towel

Designer: Byama Beauty

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Microfiber towel instructions:

Getting out of the shower with soaked hair makes it very fragile and more prone to damage and breakage .

A 'normal' bath towel is made of cotton. The fibers of cotton are large and rough. They cause friction, snag on your hair and therefore ensure that hair scales open and your hair can break off.

The fibers of a microfibre towel are very small and fine. This allows the towel to glide over your hair without friction. The towel also has good absorbency , thanks to the denser fabric on a large surface. A microfibre towel also absorbs a lot of water quickly, but without really pulling it out of your hair.


💕 Prevents frizzy hair

💕 The hair is damaged less quickly

💕 Lightweight (compact)

💕 The towel and hair dry quickly