Hair oil starterkit

Designer: Dabur

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Hair oil starterkit:

Do you want to start growing your hair? Then this starter kit is exactly what you need!

icontents of the kit:

- 1x Amla oil

- 1x scalp massage brush

- 1x oil applicator

scalp massage brush

Instructions: massage the scalp every day for about 5 minutes.


- Stimulates hair growth

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Hair care products are better absorbed

- Relaxation

Amla oil

My biggest hair secret! Amla oil. Do you want your hair to grow fast ? Then you need this!

Amla Hair Oil strengthens your hair from the inside, stimulates new growth and premature aging. Amla Hair Oil Nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair strands, from root to tip, to give you beautiful thick, long and shiny locks to give.

It stimulates hair growth by fighting split ends and hair loss so that it can grow thicker and fuller. 100% Natural Oils are pure oils made with almond oil without the addition of other ingredients and are completely natural!

Ingredients: Paraffinum Liquidum, canola oil, Elaeisguineensis oil, parfum, Phyllanthus embica fruit extracts, BHT, Amyl cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, geraniol, isoeugenol, linalool, limonene, CI26CI 61001565

Oil applicator

Instructions: fill the bottle with oil and apply it gradually to the scalp. Leave the oil on the scalp for 2 hours and wash it after 2 times with shampoo or with a scalp scrub. Repeat this 1-2 times a week.

The amla oil has a shelf life of 3 years*