Bamboo brush

Designer: Byama Beauty

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A Bamboo brush is super soft and gentle to the hair. The bamboo hair pins will not damage the hair and gently brush out knots without loosing a lot of hairs. It can also be used for scalp massages to boost hair growth. 

The brush is suitable for every hair type and length. Due to the use of natural materials, this brush has an anti-static effect and is recycable! 🌱

*Hairgrowth tipBrush the scalp for 5 minutes before oiling, this will increase the blood flow. The oils will be absorbed better and this stimulates hair growth!


💕 Healthy scalp

💕 Stimulates Hair growth

💕 Prevents frizzy hair

💕 Shiny hair

💕 Less greasy hair

💕 Improves blood circulation

💕 Sustainable