Shampoo massage brush

Designer: Byama Beauty

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Use the shampoo massage brush to gently massage your scalp & help reduce buildup. Use while washing hair to detangle hair and exfoliate the scalp. Get ready to feel clean & refreshed!


💕 Removes dead skin cells and dandruff 

💕 Removes build-up

💕 Clean scalp

💕 Shiny hair

💕 Reduces stress

💕Promotes bloodflow of hair circulation 

💕 Stimulates hair growth

💕 Prevents hair loss 

What is the difference between the scalp brush and the shampoo massage brush?

The scalp massage brush is made to use on dry hair. The dots are a lot harder than the dots of the shampoo massage brush.

The shampoo massage brush is made to use on wet hair and to massage shampoo into the scalp. Wet hair is a lot more fragile than dry hair. The dots of the shampoo massage brush are a lot more flexible and soft, so it won’t cause breakage.